The picturesque seaside village of Lund, BC, is located 128km north of Vancouver, on Canada's Sunshine Coast.


A village with about three hundred year-round residents, the population swells in the heat of summer as visitors boat, drive, or cycle here to enjoy Lund's charm and to access Desolation Sound Provincial Park, the Copeland Islands, Okeover Inlet, the Sunshine Coast Trail, and tropical Savary Island.


Tiny as it is, Lund has most of the amenities you will need for your stay – food and activities. 

On the north side of Lund Harbour is the historic Lund Hotel boasting a restaurant and pub with ocean views, a laundromat, general store with liquor outlet, post office, kayak rental shop, and outstanding local artisans' gallery.


Settled mid-Harbour is a bakery café, a sweater and book store, and a business that offers zodiac boat tours and kayak rentals.


Perched over the south side of Lund Harbour is a seafood restaurant. It is accessed via a historic boardwalk which passes and old waterwheel. 


A word of advice, avoid driving a motorhome down to the waterfront because it is difficult to turn around. Park in the parking lot by the “Mile 0" marker and walk the extra few steps.


Nearby Savary Island is rimmed by sandy white beaches and warm water - only minutes away by water taxi which offers service year round.


Sarah Point, 12km north of Lund, is the start of the 180km-long Sunshine Coast Trail which ends in Saltery Bay. With several access points and tributaries along its route, this scenic trail offers easy day hikes and free hut-to-hut hiking for multi-day trekks.


Outside the north end of the Lund Harbour, the pristine Copeland Islands Marine Park (aka Ragged Islands) hugs the shoreline toward world-renowned Desolation Sound. Another route to Desolation Sound is along Okeover Inlet past the mariculture farms and through Malaspina Inlet. Both popular waterways are happily shared by sport fishers, pleasure boaters, kayakers and avid scuba divers who enjoy the excellent underwater visibility and abundant sea life.


Sightseeing boats offer easy access to the area's ocean playground while kayakers intrigue curious sea lions, seals, dolphins, and rogue pods of orca whales.